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CLS Coaching Program

Online Teacher Coaching

The CLS Online Coaching program offers exclusive group coaching that centers on skills you will need in the fall for both in-person and remote teaching. As a coaching participant, you will receive access to a private Google classroom and Facebook group; weekly cohort meetings with your CLS coaches; and one 1-on-1 coaching session. Designed to help you ramp up for the fall and to have guided assistance once school begins, the CLS Online Coaching Program will provide you with the support you need to help your students succeed, no matter what school looks like.

During this 8-week program, you will create a personalized action plan and work to develop tools and skills that center on your needs.

New cohort beginning in Spring 2021!
Learning Loss Mitigation Funds may be applied to this professional development 

Tentative Schedule 
(subject to change)




Week 1

Lesson Planning in the digital age
Blended Learning/Flipped Learning
4C model

Teaching is quickly changing. Come and learn how to design effective standards-based and rich lesson plans. We’ll talk about the flipped model and discuss the tools you can use to make the model work for your classroom. 

Week 2

Google Apps for Education 1

Google provides some pretty amazing resources for teachers. This week we will learn all about the basics of the GSuite (with an accelerated self-paced option for those more familiar with the GSuite.)

You will learn, not only about the tools available, but with enough working knowledge to utilize at least one tool in your future lesson plans.

Week 3

Getting creative with online apps
Videos for blended learning

Video will play a powerful role in your future lesson plans. Whether you use video as first instruction or supporting individual groups or students, video can lessen your workload and improve the quality of lessons.

Week 4

Online formative assessments, rubrics, and feedback

Assessment is more than a score and it happens throughout a learning experience, not just the end. This week we are going to look at all of the different ways we can make assessment easy so that, as teachers, we don’t spend our time grading, we spend our time using the data to pivot instruction.

Week 5

Making connections and checking in with students

Relationships are the singular most important thing. Students will not learn from someone they don’t like. This session is going to focus on strategies that you could use to build relationships with students that will

Week 6

Cohort solidification
Heading into battle field

Part 1: Your End of the Cycle Lesson (ECL)
This session will be time for you and the cohort to work together as you share what you have already made for your classroom. You will receive feedback from your peers and the coaches.

Week 7

Troubleshooting lesson plans 
Finding and developing your teacher support circle

Part 1: Your ECL revised
Last week we looked at lessons and gave feedback. This week, you are going to share how the feedback changed your lessons, and how you will implement feedback in your lessons.

You will also learn who to reach out to when you are stuck, and what to do when you are stuck

Week 8

That’s a Wrap

Part 2: Your ECL
In this session we will build a system so that we can stay in touch. We will also have presentations 

About the Coaches:

IMG_0180 - Corey Coble.jpeg

Corey Coble

Corey Coble is a 7th grade Science teacher in Roseville, CA with over 28 years in the classroom.  He has been integrating technology since the 90's and loves helping teachers do the same.  As a Google for Education Trainer, Corey has been all over California presenting ways to use Google Apps with students for both California League of Schools and C.U.E.

jenna - Jenna Rodgers.jpg

Jenna Rodgers

Jenna Rodgers is a 2nd grade teacher in Lake County, CA. Over the past 13 years she has taught everything from Kindergarten to college. Jenna is passionate about learning, teaching, and edtech. She has presented at many conferences throughout California and has a booktube channel on YouTube. In her free time, Jenna sings and acts in community theater.