This previously recorded virtual conference is designed to touch on many facets of teaching in today’s climate. From tools to use in the remote classroom to issues of equity and access, this conference offers skills and ideas you can implement right away.

Registration fee: $39


Engaging Learners Remotely with Eduprotocols

Jon Corippo

Eduprotocol Field Guide co-author Jon Corippo will welcome you to his virtual classroom, where he will model culture building, creative learning opportunities, differentiation just like he does with the kids in his classroom. You'll get to sample several Eduprotocols as a learner and as an educator. Jon will be sharing links to many popular Eduprotocol templates you can use right away.

Ken_Shelton official Headshot.jpg

Problem-Based Learning and Design Thinking: A Systematic Approach to Problem Solving

Ken Shelton

Utilizing the problem-based learning protocols of Solve in Time!® along with elements of the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) participants will utilize a design-thinking process to design workable solutions to some of our biggest challenges in education. This highly interactive session is focused on learning through the process rather than focusing on the outcome. We will work closely together in supporting each other as we navigate a myriad of challenges in education.

IMG_4128 - Denise Balderrama (Anton ES).

How to Create High-Quality Relationships with Remote and In-Person Learning

Denise Balderrama

Learn about the value of student-teacher relationships and how to maintain those relationships with remote and in-person learning. Discover ways to impact all your students, including the hard to teach, during remote learning. Hear how increasing touchpoints with families can help increase your success with remote and in-person learning.

heroes19_felipe-mercado_sm - Felipe Merc

Cultivating Mental Health and Equity in Education

Felipe Mercado

The Wise-Compassionate Framework (WCF) was created to assist educators seeking to develop or refine a comprehensive system to meet the needs of all their students through the lens of equity. A trapezoid is used to symbolize the WCF. The WCF intentionally separates the academic, behavioral, and SEL domains and provides a framework in each domain and tier that is rooted in evidence-based educational techniques and wellness research. Acquire practical skills and strategies to create more equitable approaches in an educational setting. We will explore how the education system became how it is, and learn how to offset these conditions.  Participants will explore strategies and best practices through interactive processes.

Ben_Cogswell_Salinas - Benjamin Cogswell

Remote Learning: Engaging, Assessing, and Activating Awesomeness at All Levels

Ben Cogswell

Are you wondering if your students are awake on the other side of the screen? Do you want to engage and assess your students, while making sure to activate awesomeness. In this session, we will review tools like Jamboard, Quizizz, and Nearpod to keep students at any level engaged. We will learn how to use these tools to see inside of students minds even if they are not in front of us. Be prepared to walk away with something you can use in class on the next day.