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Become an iSTEAM Certified School




Steps One & Two

July 2021


Indian Wells

An Educator-Made Program
The Seven STEAM Essentials model forms the basis for the CLS iSTEAM Certification program. The purpose of iSTEAM is to build equitable, immersive school learning environments where all students develop agency through the iSTEAM competencies in order to become college- and career-ready, STEM literate global citizens.

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  • Does your school struggle to engage students and energize staff?
  • Is declining enrollment hitting your school hard?
  • Are your students delayed on the path to college-and-career ready?

Become an iSTEAM Certified School

Provide STEAM to every student with the iSTEAM certification program!
Students in iSTEAM schools build the 21st-century skills employers want while exploring problem-based learning using the engineering design process.
They share their learning with the community, involving parents and attracting the support of local nonprofit, business, and higher-ed partners. They complete their grade level ready for the rigor and opportunity ahead.
iSTEAM schools link all students to promising futures!
Professional Learning
There are two parts to iSTEAM professional learning:

1. The iSTEAM Community: Free PD, community interaction, and downloadable resources
Take the first step. Sign up now for the iSTEAM Community to:
  • Participate in monthly online events
  • Join the private iSTEAM Community Facebook group
  • Download iSTEAM Toolbox resources, including the rubric used to certify schools!

2. ISTEAM 2020: The conference that prepares your team for certification

Bring your team to iSTEAM 2020 to participate in iSTEAM teacher and leader certification, team training, and guided common planning time. Level up on the path to iSTEAM school certification!

July, 2021, Rancho Mirage, CA (near Palm Springs)
iSTEAM Certified School Timeline
Return on Investment
For a site with 25 educators:
  • An enrollment increase of just 7 students per year will cover costs.
  • Much higher enrollment boosts are common since parents want their children to attend a STEAM school.

What is iSTEAM?

The iSTEAM program empowers your students, staff, and parents because:
  • All students get hands-on STEAM—including students who are female, have special needs, are low-income, are homeless or foster youth, are English learners, or are otherwise underrepresented.
  • All staff are given the support they need to be comfortable teaching STEAM—leaders and teachers alike.
  • All parents understand what their children are learning and how they can best support their learners.
iSTEAM is evidence based and CCSS/NGSS aligned. It centers on the engineering design process, problem-based learning, and 21st-century skills like creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. iSTEAM integrates the arts to increase motivation and relevance. And best of all, iSTEAM brings excitement back into learning by building voice and choice for staff and students.
The California League of Schools iSTEAM certification program for teachers, leaders (administrators and counselors), and schools provides targeted professional learning, ongoing resources and supports, and a rigorous certification process—all to help your site become a successful iSTEAM Certified School.
iSTEAM taps the unique strengths of your people and community to produce learning experiences that build confident students who are prepared for college and career.
Only iSTEAM teaches you step by step how to infuse STEAM beyond the STEM disciplines so that all students benefit from the 21st-century skills that careers and global citizenship require.




Karl Blum, Assistant Principal
Los Osos Middle School
San Luis Coastal USD

The iSTEAM rubric and process really affirmed that what we are doing at our site is on point.  It was very good to hear the differences between integrated STEAM and designated STEAM, and the other focus areas.  

Lori Day, Teacher
Lakeside Middle School

Val Verde USD

Using information from the conference to support our efforts, we will create a school team to increase the amount of STEM/STEAM lessons across all subjects and grade levels.

Ruby Mejico, Principal
Badger Springs Middle School
Moreno Valley USD

The in-depth review of the seven essentials and rubric indicators gave my team a foundational understanding of the characteristics of an effective STEAM program.

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