California League of Esports is now an Official Accredited Educational Experience

After returning from the AMAZING CLS conference in Monterey, California League of Esports was notified that it had just earned the prestigious honor of being identified as a accredited educational experience.

For conference attendees who attended our esports session, they discovered how our academic esports curriculum:

  • Aligns to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math standards

  • Includes a robust, research-based SEL curricula

  • Supports the development of student's 21st Century Skills

  • Engages students through hands-on learning and collaboration

  • Prioritizes equity and access for students from all backgrounds

  • Provides career exploration opportunities for high-paying jobs and post-secondary pathways

We Have Extended Learning Summer Esports Program Opportunities

As a thank you to all our supporters, the California League of Esports is now offering a 10% discount on all of our summer or back-to-school programs if you sign up between now and April 15, 2022.

Summer Clubs and Camps: We Provide the Instructor

Allow your students to follow their passion for gaming down productive STEM pathways like coding, software design, entrepreneurship, engineering and more.

  • Tactics, Tips & Tricks: AMONG US

  • SocietyCraft: MINECRAFT CLUB

  • Pathway Esports: OVERWATCH CLUB



This virtual STEM course engages students and teaches them critical skills. Our project-based modules enable learners to become proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript all within a remote classroom environment.

  • No prior coding experience necessary

  • Highly engaging

  • Dynamic, Interactive & Cross-Disciplinary

  • Facilitators need no CS teaching experience

We provide the Summer Programs you need aligned to the funding guidelines you’ve been provided.


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