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Vacuum cleaner - Solution for pet hair in your home

You are raising an adorable pet in your house, and you love it because it brings a lot of fun for you.

However, you also realize a big problem with pets. When the pets run, play, and have fun in every corner of your home their fur clings on clothes, sofas, and carpet. Animal hair is fragile and easily sticks to many different areas and is difficult to clean manually, so a vacuum cleaner is considered a smart solution. Currently, there are many vacuum cleaner products for cleaning the house, and many users wonder what is the Best vacuum cleaners in the world for picking up pet hair.

1. Strong suction power

The fur is unlike dust particles, as it can be sucked up gently and cleanly. You should select a powerful vacuum cleaner that creates strong airflow to pull dust, dirt, and pet hair, and put them into its bag. You can refer to the top-rated vacuums to find out the most suitable vacuum for your budget.

2.HEPA filter

Dog and cat fur not only clings to everything but also increases allergens and reduces the air quality in your home. So when choosing to buy, consider a vacuum cleaner equipped with HEPA filters or multi-layer filters, to remove and reduce pet allergens causing asthma.

HEPA filters comprise a randomly arranged mesh of fiberglass fibers that have a diameter of 0.5 to 2.0 micrometers (0.0025 hair diameter). The filter can absorb a large number of tiny particles that cause asthma and respiratory allergies to humans, such as pollen, fungal spores, fur, and smoke, which other vacuum cleaners cannot filter.

You need to pay attention that you clean the machine regularly to avoid clogging the filter, as well as remembering to replace them periodically to prevent the odors accumulated in the device from being released into the air.

3. Vacuum cleaners with a bag or without a bag.

A machine that uses a dust bag with an auto-closing lid will help prevent pet dust and hair from escaping. Bear in mind bags should be replaced regularly if you choose a bagged vacuum model. On the contrary, a bagless vacuum cleaner will contain the dust in the dust compartment, and you won't have to change a bag when you're vacuuming. You just empty the container and put it back on the vacuum. To environmentally minded people, bagless vacuums would be the best choice.

4. Vacuums, including many features and accessories.

Does your pet like to run and jump? Then of course, their fur will fly all over the house. It's essential to consider a vacuum cleaner equipped with a synthetic fiber brush and bristles to handle pet hair thoroughly!

At the same time, you should consider a vacuum cleaner with a motorized suction head that will solve the pet hair issue on stairs, beds, and upholstery. Machines have a large brush head to remove hair from curtains and walls, and a small brush head to remove dog and cat hair from clothing.

In conclusion

To pet owners and allergy suffers, a vacuum cleaner is the best solution to tackle their problems. Moreover, keeping your living space clean is essential to improving the quality of your life. Traditional ways have failed to meet the increasing cleaning needs of consumers any more. More and more of the best rated vacuum cleaner are launched to serve customers. Therefore, you need to spend much time researching more information to own the most suitable vacuum cleaner for you.


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