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Rev Up Pandemic Learning with Simple SEL & Tech Strategies!

YES, teaching through a pandemic is exhausting. It’s sad. It’s stressful. AND we can do our best to still make teaching and learning meaningful–for teachers and students alike.

Are you ready to have all of the feels, energize your classes and your students, and even have some fun for the rest of the school year?

Dive into simple, quick, and fun ways to boost connection, engagement and enjoyment through SEL activities–assisted by tech.

Rethinking Instruction: The End of Average


Jon Corippo

Jon Corippo, co-author of the bestselling books EduProtocol Field Guides 1 and 2, will tap research, lively stories, and one of his favorite books, The End of Average, to make his case: Schools wrongly sort human beings into silos. Smile, laugh, cry, and learn how we can all see students for their beautiful, jagged, talented selves.

Teaching and Learning in a Pandemic


Holly Clark

In this session, we will look at all the incredible ways students were able to flourish during this pandemic using the Infused Classroom Framework. This session is packed full of actual student examples.

The Ingredients of SEL

JodyOliver - Jody Oliver.png

Jody Oliver


SEL is like a recipe. A splash of resources, a cup of standards, some stirring, drizzle of spices, and baked with understanding. A recipe and instructions will be provided as a web page for future reference and exploration for your own creation.

Staff Strength through Vulnerability


Valerie Hatcher

No matter what your experience or your title is, it is crucial to be open and honest with the educators around you. I will facilitate a conversation on our SEL experiences as educators over this past year. It is always good to know we are not alone. Let's share best practices to keep moving forward on this journey!

Cultivating Mental Health and Equity in Education

heroes19_felipe-mercado_sm - Felipe Merc

Felipe Mercado

Join Felipe for an overview of today’s biggest challenges in education! Discover how these challenges emerged and delve into theoretical and philosophical paradigm shifts that impact equity and mental health in school settings.

8 Techy Ways to Make Class UNFORGETTABLE

matt on front porch.jpg

Matt Miller

If class is forgettable, how do we expect students to learn? In Matt Miller's book, Tech Like a Pirate, he shares 8 ways to make class a memorable learning experience with tech. You'll leave with concrete ideas to use right away -- and a process for coming up with your own. Engage your students. Supercharge learning. And enjoy the process!

Mindfulness and Motivation using #EDUProtocols

Brigid KueiTung-Duncan.jpeg

Jenee Fawson


Brigid Duncan

Learn how to use highly engaging protocols that require minimum preparation to apply. These strategies are designed to motivate learners, build classroom community, and practice a mindful perspective.

Sponsored by: Twig Education

ZOOM, SEL, and Student Engagement

Learn how to create a positive, inclusive, growth-mindset classroom environment through the use of EduProtocols. You'll be given the resources to nurture students' social-emotional growth while engaging them in their learning, and you'll leave ready to apply the strategies to your classroom learning environment.

Sponsored by: Twig Education