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California League of Schools is an organization that views itself as being committed to promoting equity and access in education. Yet, as with much of America in recent weeks, we have been compelled to look inward and examine whether our work truly backs up our beliefs in equity and access, particularly with regard to racism.

It is crucial that our organization recognizes the prevalence of racial inequality in schools statewide and across the nation and that we serve educators in ways that help all students succeed.

California League of Schools therefore will continue to commit to:

  • Fostering an environment of empathy and acceptance that specifically addresses anti-racism. 

  • Continuing to actively collaborate with educators in the development of inclusive professional learning content and events.

  • Seeking out and sharing resources designed to assist educators in implementing equitable practices and policies in classrooms, schools, and districts.

  • Expanding our presentation selection process to evaluate equity content in educator-led sessions. 

  • Pursuing new partnerships that advance educational equity and anti-racist policies.


This journey will provide opportunities to learn, reiterate, and adapt our work so that we can do our very best to stand up to inequality in all its forms. We look forward to continuing to support all educators and all students in California to the best of our abilities.


The Board and Staff of California League of Schools

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