Remote Teaching & Learning

Virtual Conference


Get access to 12 educator-led sessions focused specifically on remote teaching & learning, including social-emotional learning/mental health, social justice, and edtech tools.

$149 for 2-week virtual conference
A la carte pricing: $15 for a 75-minute session; $20 for a 90-minute session.


A Culturally Relevant and Responsive Approach to Social and Emotional Learning

Presented by Jose Kubes

In this session, you will walk away with a roadmap that guides your school to develop a genuine Social and Emotional Learning Class that educates students to become agents of change and thoughtful members of their local community.Now more than ever, we must enhance social and emotional learning and development so that it explicitly aligns to the lived experiences of our students.Through storytelling, reflection, analysis and action planning your team will develop a culturally relevant and responsive journey to transform Social and Emotional Learning within your school.

Sponsored by University of Phoenix

Connection and Culture through Celebration

Presented by Echo Kayser and Mark Lewin

In this session, you will gain practical strategies to use celebration in the traditional classroom and through remote learning to build a culture in your class community and connection with your students and between your students. As educators navigate teaching with new guidelines, restrictions and challenges, we need to explore avenues to connect with students and motivate them toward success and a greater self concept that will promote academic success and social emotional health.

Sponsored by Amplify Education

Decolonizing Your Classroom: Educational Justice in Secondary Ed

Presented by Jacquay Durant and Vanee Matsalia

This presentation will address equity, race, representation and the mindsets that both hinder and support reaching these. This session will be a call to action for educators looking for how to truly engage in equity work in the classroom. It will provide time and resources to discuss and reflect on their current curriculum and where it lands in the spectrum of educational equity and justice. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the importance of decolonization of the classroom, why it matters, and tools to help them start on their journey towards education equity and justice right away.

Distance Learning: A Toolkit for Engagement

Presented by Kelsey Smith

Having trouble keeping your students engaged in distance learning? Variety and student interest is the key to success! In this session, you will learn how to implement a variety of digital tools to increase student engagement in distance learning. As a long time advocate of the flipped learning approach to teaching, I believe the magic of distance learning takes place when students WANT to participate in the activities provided. I will teach you how to design a curriculum that targets students interest through the implementation of digital tools including edpuzzle, flipgrid,, nearpod, quizizz, and screencastify.

Sponsored by STEMscopes

How to Build a System that Works No Matter Where or What School Looks Like

Presented by Jenna Rodgers

The bottom line is that no one knows what school is going to look like. I have created a way to give instruction, provide targeted practice, monitor and provide feedback on student-data, and give students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of skills.

I know it sounds like a lot, and it is. And, it is a lot of LITTLE things. I'll share with you how I built my system, first providing an overview of the structure. Then, we will break out into small groups and you will be able to create an instructional resource that will make instruction, progress, and practice crystal clear to the students and their family.

This session includes free access to anything I've created for my 2nd grade classroom. I am willing to support anyone wanting extra support in creating their instructional system.

Sponsored by California Casualty

Make Connections with Google Apps

Presented by Corey Coble

Learn how to utilize Google Apps to make connections with students and provide the immediate feedback that they need.This session will cover Google Classroom and Forms to help teachers develop activities and lessons that can build connections, save time and help support all students.These tools can be implemented in class or from a distance.Follow up support will be available to help you implement what you learn during this session.

Sponsored by Michele Luck's Social Studies

Morning Meetings for Blended Learning

Presented by Denise Balderrama

In this session, you will learn the benefits of having a daily Morning Meeting with your primary students. During this time of uncertainty, creating a safe space for students to learn is more important than ever. By implementing a daily Morning Meeting, your students will learn how to communicate and cope with stress through shared messages and discussions about feelings.

Remote Learning for Littles

Presented by Ben Cogswell

Are you looking to hit the ground running with remote learning? Are you wondering how distance learning works with our young learners? In this webinar, Coach Ben will discuss how he does remote learning with his Kinder Rockets. He will share some tips on how he runs his virtual meetings as well as how he structures his Seesaw class to maximize learning. You will leave with plenty of resources to connect with parents and get students excited about learning! This session will include puppets, costumes, and more!

Sponsored by California Casualty

Strategies for a Successful Return: Using Applied Educational Neuroscience to Support Students and Staff

Presented by Jessie Fuller, Joelle Hood, and Janeen Antonelli

Life is full of change and uncertainty right now, which has led to an increase in stress for all of us. Neuroscience tells us that emotions influence learning. One way we can support ourselves and our students in navigating this difficult time is to deepen our Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning (S.E.A.L.). There couldn’t be a more important time to focus on strengthening our own well-being and resilience than right now. With physical distancing measures in place, it is critical that social connection and sense of belonging be prioritized. As challenging as this time is, there is hope. We can strengthen students’ sense of connection and their resilience in virtual settings as well as in-person.

Sponsored by Pear Deck

Student Agency & Activism: Sustainable Development Goals in Action

Presented by Vanessa Heller

Make content relevant and more authentic to inspire students to be change agents to better our local and global community.In this session you will be introduced to an Awareness > Advocacy > Action approach to curriculum based on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other human rights issues.This approach combines student concerns, standards-based content, the SDGs, and tech to help students take a stand for issues they care about. Participants will leave with resources such as lessons, handy links, and tech tools to revamp and focus kids and curriculum on impact and action.

Sponsored by WEST LOVE

Student Coding for Social Good

Presented by Scott Moss

See how student-created programs address social issues and be a force for positive change. Explore examples that not only address academic standards, but act as a force for social good. See how we can empower students to become change agents locally and globally. In addition to positive impacts in society, coding and making can also enhance other important skills that are applicable in a wide variety of contexts. These skills include, but are not limited to close reading, math, computational thinking, collaboration and problem solving.

Sponsored by Pacific Learning

Ways to Boost Productivity and Creativity With Wakelet

Presented by Leticia Citizen, Amy Storer, Tisha Poncio, and Deb Zeman

Wakelet can be used in SO many different ways. Join this innovative panel of rockstar educators as they share their favorite ways of using Wakelet to boost productivity and creativity inside and outside the classroom and during remote learning!

Work smarter, not harder, by curating, communicating, creating, and collaborating with Wakelet. From social media archives to digital stories, collaborative research to portfolios, class discussions to newsletters, Wakelet has you covered. Learn ways that you and your students can save time and share information. Surf's up! Ride the Wakelet wave!